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Sulawesi Island

Sulawesi is an island that offers thousands of tourist destinations.

Sulawesi is divided into 6 provinces whereas every province offers different and unique tourist attractions. Trip across Celebes or Sulawesi as called in Indonesian is relatively easy because each major cities are equipped with airport be it domestic or international ones.

One of the Celebes highlights is Tana Toraja or Toraja Land. Tana Toraja is wellknown for its indigenous culture. For years it has been visited by thousand of anthropologist for its famous wellkept culture.

If you love snorkel and/or diving you surely love to snorkel/dive along the whales, turtles and other members of ocean kingdom. Not to mention beautiful corals and school of colorful fish. Togian Island will be one of the perfect islands to full fill your dream of swimming along with the beautiful creatures of the ocean.

During the trip across the Celebes, we can find countless beautiful waterfalls along the way, rain forest paddy field, traditional market. You will be mingle with locals and taste the local food and experience the local life style.

Karst topography is common night during your visit in Sulawesi island. Also the well preserved caves with ancient scultures from hundreds of years ago.

Book your schedule and experience one of your most memorable journeys in a lifetime.


Maluku or internationally known as the Moluccas and Molukken is a land of paradise, with natural products such as cloves, nutmeg, gold and pearls. The islands of Maluku range from rugged, mountainous wildernesses to active volcanoes rising straight out of the sea and idyllic coral atolls. Fine beaches and coral reefs abound, and there are plenty of historical reminders of the region’s turbulent past..
Ambon and the Neighboring Lease Islands all spot a good mix of fine beaches, diving possibilities and relics of the colonial era. It is not limited to all the forts standing by the seaside, but is even obvious in the local culture. The Christian “Ambonese” – the term also covers the people of Lease and SW Seram – have gained a reputation throughout Indonesia for wholeheartedly embracing their Dutch rulers and their culture. Till this day, relations with the Netherlands remain strong, all the more so because just about everyone seems to have relatives living there. Unsurprisingly, western visitors, Dutch or not, tend to be welcomed with open arms here. More pictures click Here